Good girl,Gone bad
Date 10/03/14
Seasons 1A
Episode 3
Director Alyssa Milano
Previous Episode Do you remember yourself?
Next Episode Humanoid

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Prue Projected into the underworld with The source looking man. "Look if we going work together, tell me about yourself?" Prue asked. "Fine I will." "Im half-human half demon." "My mother is mortal and my father was The Source off All Evil." " My dad always had I little heart in him." He and my mom had a good sneaky relationship with my mom." "When she got pregnant from my dad, he left her to rise me because the Charmed Ones had done raised." In 2004 I was about 8 my dad got vanquished." "It was till the end of 2013 when I known about this " " When the news about you being alive, I brainwashed you so u can think your evil." "That good. I'll be back im going to pay my sisters a visit. "

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While Prue was talking to The Source, Jr,Phoebe was writing am spell, while Piper and Pagie where making a power binding potion. Prue projects in "Hello sisters" Prue say she uses telekinesis to sling Phoebe. "Now Pagie!!" Piper said trying to knock Prue out with her Molecular Combustion power. She was able to do so. Phobe tied her up. And give her the binding power potion. The Orbs circle around Prue, her powers where bottled up and Piper was holding it. "What happened?" " Why i'm tied up?" "She back!"

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They untied Prue and they all hugged Prue everyone but Paige. "Hi Prue , Im Paige Matthews." I'm finally get to meet you." Yhe two sisters hug, but interpreted by The Source,Jr. "You finally got your sister back, bit powerless. He uses his telekinesis (which is the advanced version) to knock out Phoebe and Piper. He was telakinic strangling Pagie, till Prue did a slide kick The Sorce,Jr. Pagie and Prue Orbs ou the attic.


  • Leo did not appear
  • Prue returns to normal
  • Prue powers are bind and holded by Piper.
  • Even do she powerless, she good at Marshall Arts.
  • This the fisrt time meeting her half-sister,Pagie
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