Kevin Nobel-Halliwell
James Main
Character Information
Birthplace Orlando,Fl
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Hometown Orlando,Fl (former)
San Francisco, California

Katty Nobel-(Mother/decreased)
The Source of all Evil-(Dad)
Prue Halliwell-(Adopted Mother)
Piper Halliwell-(Aunt-by-law)
Phoebe Halliwell-(Aunt-by-law)
Paige Matthews-(Aunt-by-law)
Devon Nobel (oldest brother)


Cole Tuner
Leo Wyatt
Chris Halliwell (First cousin-by-law)

Magical Characteristics
Basic powers

Spell Casting
Potion Making

Active powers

Floating,Astal Projection

First Appearance

Do you remember yourself?

Last Appearance


Episode Count


Kevin Benjamin Nobel now Kevin Benjamin Halliwell was born on July 23,1998 The Source of All Evil yongest son and less powerfull then his brother, Devon Nobel.His mother is and Witch and his father is and Demon making him an Half-Demon/Half-Witch. When he was younger he was kidnapped by his father and train in his demon ways, causing his demon side to be more powerfull and overpowering his witch side. Piper has sripped him of his Demon side, now causing him to develop witches powers.


Katty Nobel-(Mother)-(decreased)Edit

Katty and Kevin

The Source of all Evil-(Dad)Edit

The Source of all Evil and Kevin

Prue Halliwell-(Adopted Mother)Edit

Prue and Kevin

Piper Halliwell-(Aunt-by-law)Edit

Piper and Kevin

Phoebe Halliwell-(Aunt-by-law)Edit

Phoebe and Kevin

Paige Matthews-(Aunt-by-law)Edit

Pagie and Kevin

Friends & FrenemiesEdit

Cole TunerEdit

Cole and Kevin

Leo WyattEdit

Leo and Kevin


Demonic Powers

All his powers are binded .


When Phoebe tried to do a Levitation kick her flamed out the way making her kick the wall


He made Prue think she was Evil by gets staring at her

Witch Powers


  • Ge was first seen in the bed floating till Chris scared him

Astral Projection


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Notes & TrivaEdit

  • Devon Nobel is his older borther by 7-8 years.
  • He is the second Demon/Witch hybrid.
  • He is an paper boy for his town
  • He an high school student
    • He in Junior
    • He has in high gpa (3.7)
    • He is an Senior in Season 2A
    • He doesn't like school;he gets making Prue happy.

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